21 November 2007

Off into the hills

Ngamoko Range looking South

This is where I'm heading. Off this afternoon, on my own, over the range and down to the Pohangina headwaters. With luck I'll meet up with my old friends the whio [1] and with even more luck I might see and photograph a deer. But the weather's looking good and the river's beautiful. Back out on Friday.

Life is incomprehensible, astonishing, and wonderful beyond words.

1. Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos, the blue duck.

1. The Ngamoko Range looking South from the top of Knights Track, near Toka, the headwaters of the Pohangina forming the catchment on the left. A much better day than when Rob and I were up there last week. I played around with filters and blend modes in photoshop and quite liked the slightly painted feel I ended up with. It's subtle—almost undetectable at this greatly reduced size—but it seems to suit the photo.

Photos and words © 2007 Pete McGregor


Anne-Marie said...

Have a wonderful time, e hoa.

zhoen said...

You leave me wordless, again,


Duncan said...

Looks as if your leg muscles will get a good workout Pete!

herhimnbryn said...


Peregrina said...

Pete: in the photograph you've captured lovely light on the hills and wonderful detail in the clouds.

You sound very happy. Enjoy your tramp and I hope you meet both whio and deer. I found the Pohangina River on Google Earth and with the help of an atlas map also, followed it to its headwaters. That Ruahine Range sure is rugged!


christy said...

What comes through your "beyond words" is deep and wide and thrilling -- thank you for sharing it, Pete!


c'est moi said...

enjoy the trek. bring back lots of photos.

butuki said...

from atop a ridge here, across the sea and through vast sails of clouds, I cup my hands to my mouth and shout, "Ahoy!" Or, as a friend of mine who fixed roofs in the summer once declared at the top of his lungs one morning when he looked up and saw other men all working on other roofs, "Men we be, one and all!"

Yes, yes YES! What a wonderful world!

pohanginapete said...

Yep, that's it, Miguel.

pohanginapete said...

C'est moi: Yes, I came back with a few. Watch this space!

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Pete,
I met you years ago at Iron Gates hut. A couple of Americans. I have lived in Palmy now 15 years and the Ruahines have become integral to my life. I always enjoy your thoughts and photos and never fail to start looking at my own gear for a trip as well. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope to run into you some time.
Ka ki te,
Robb Kloss

pohanginapete said...

Well, maybe I'm still up in the hills. Somehow I neglected to acknowledge the rest of you — sorry! Oh well, better late than never:

Anne-Marie, thanks, and you know by now just how good it was.

Hi HHnB and Zhoen (wordless for the right reasons, I trust!)

Duncan, the legs did me proud. I think I'll keep them on.

Peregrina, I've often thought that by far the easiest way to travel is by map. I could spend hours poring over maps of the NZ mountains. Yes, very happy (nothing unusual), and thanks for the observations on the photo.

Christy, sometimes that feeling makes me garrulous, sometimes it silences me into a big grin that makes people wonder what I've been up to. Hard to know which it'll be. Thanks :^)

Hey Rob, yes, I remember! You broke your Leki pole falling in the river. Or was that your mate? Glad you're enjoying the blog, and get in touch if you're around this way. Email's under the profile photo in the sidebar.

robin andrea said...

You make me wonder what makes life wonderful beyond words. This view, yes, but what else? My mind always goes to love, but that's just me. I will have to come back to see.

Ruahines said...

Wow Pete, I am amazed you remember about that Leki pole. I have bent a few since then as well. Hope you had an enjoyable trip. Did you stay at Leon Kinvig and go down river, or up over the tops? You picked a better weekend weather wise, at least judging from out here. I will get in touch.

pohanginapete said...

Robin Andrea, I'm not sure I have a satisfactory answer for you. What makes life so wonderful? I'll have to think long about that, but I can say, "It is." Maybe the post I've just published will help explain it.

Robb, Leon Kinvig first, down the river to Ngamoko, out over the tops and down via Shorts Track. I've just published the account. I'm lucky, too, because I didn't need to pick a weekend. I went in on Wednesday, came out Friday. And yes, it'll be good to catch up.