30 March 2006

Metaphor (poem)


she says everything’s a metaphor
for something else
rooster for dawn
dawn for the new day
the new day for beginnings
for a fresh start another chance
or what’s past endings

I see I say
it’s all progression
one thing to another
parallels and connections
metaphor as paradox
the distance fixed between
two connected things

but she says
it’s all a matter of perspective
and looks through me as if
I’m at the point of vanishing
the appearance of drawing closer
she says
is an illusion.

Words seem elusive, so here's another poem from a few years ago.

Photo: Looking South over Eastbourne towards the entrance to Wellington Harbour; rain drifting in. If you keep following that coast, you arrive eventually at Baring Head.

Photo and words © 2006 Pete McGregor


Lulu said...

Nicely done.

Mary said...

Pete, you are a poet. This has a wonderful rhythm. And the photo matches it well.

And it reminds me of conversations I've had ....

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Lulu. Does the photo still make you long for NZ? ;^)

Mary, thankyou; it's nice to hear your observations about the poem. I had another photo in mind, but this did seem to fit better.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Lovely poem, Pete. I also remember conversations that sounded much like this. Love, and all of its metaphors, and sometimes the thing itself. Beautiful photo. I love the moodiness of that coast. It looks so much like our Pacific, particularly Oregon.

Tracy Hamon said...

I always knew a poet was waiting within the delicate and beautiful lines of prose!

pohanginapete said...

RD: From a photographic perspective I was lucky with the weather when I was house-minding there. I did have some beautiful, sunny weather too, but beautiful, sunny weather can be difficult for photos.

Tracy: Thanks! Actually, what's scary is not whether that poet's waiting within, but whether he's up and left... ;^)

Lulu said...

Pete, everything makes me long for New Zealand. It's a rather hopeless case. ;)

Patry Francis said...

Stunning. (I think I said the same thing the last time I was here. I guess that means I'm speechless.)

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Patry. I don't mind if you said it last time. Really... ;^D

Ariel Gordon said...

An interesting take on the old he said - she said...I particularly liked the last stanza.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Ariel (he says, resisting the impulse to add an exclamation mark) :^)

adagio said...

the pace of this work is lovely. rolling along. i like very much the narrated, storytelling quality. conversation captured in a thimbleful. an exchange open to intrpretation.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks adagio, I appreciate those comments. It's always interesting to hear what others notice.