29 October 2005

Earthquake: a poem

Wednesday a fortnight ago (19 October); not a big one but they're always unsettling. It unsettled me enough to prompt this. The photo is by the edge of TeAwaoteatua Stream, just upstream from the bridge.


Between one and two it was
with the wayward wind restless
and shifty about the house—
finding itself at a loose end
it rattled the bored walls

while I worked

unkempt cloud heaped high over hills
a range of shades grey and white
light leached like dry grass on a dusty day
the empty sky a full haze
of pollen and wind

Then the slight sway the shudder
the off balance rock and giddy tilt

and the is or isn’t it question
and should I ... still sitting
not quite still still rocking

waiting to see what developed
until the tremble in the heart
of the land waved by and headed on

down the line, leaving me
still on shaky ground; less sure

about finding fault.

Photo and words copyright 2005 Pete McGregor

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