17 September 2009

This Sunday it's International Rock Flipping Day

It's International Rock Flipping Day this Sunday, 20 September. The idea's simple — find some rocks, flip them over, record what you find, then share it. Make sure you replace the rocks carefully to restore the homes you've temporarily disturbed, and in particular to avoid injuring any of those little lives. International Rock-Flipping Day, September 2, 2007Blog about it, or if you don't have a blog, you can post photos or other artwork on the IRFD Flickr group. This year, Dave Bonta and Bev Wigney have passed the baton (or should that be the rock?) to Susannah Anderson to coordinate the results, so when you've blogged or posted to the Flickr group, email Susannah to let her know (wanderinweeta [at] gmail [dot] com).

Read Susannah's post for the details.

So, this Sunday get out there and enjoy it. Kids (of all ages) find it fascinating and fun, and it's a chance to instill in them a sense of respect, wonder and excitement about the real world.

If you want advice on how to photograph the little critters you might find, Bev has a wonderful post full of common sense about macro photography using point-and-shoot cameras.

Last year's event turned up a cool find for me. What will yours be?

IRFD badge by cephalopodcast


Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

This is a thoughtful idea. The only rock in my apartment building compound weighs at least two tonne. Hmmmm! Perhaps if I look hard I may find a small stone.

I enjoyed reading your earlier postings, especially the one about your Dad. The other day I spent a day in west Java talking with survivors of an earthquake which struck two weeks ago. That thin and fragile line between life and death is almost invisible.

pohanginapete said...

Bob, just think of the wonderful things that must be under a two-tonne rock ;^)

Your part of the world seems to have had more than its fair share of misfortune recently. My thanks to you and your colleagues for your great work over there. Cheers Bob.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Reminds me of something i saw on the internet the other day - apparently there was a fad for keeping rocks as pets in the 70s. Didn't last long, but made the originator a mint whilst it did!

pohanginapete said...

Hungry pixies — now why didn't I think of that? I could've earned a fortune as a consultant, advising people on how to control their delinquent rocks ;^)

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Pete,
Charlie and the new addition to our family "T" are very excited about doing some rock flipping. Amazing what seems to be coming up from under rocks in regards to an H. Cheers for the heads up.

pohanginapete said...

Kia ora Robb — great to see the enthusiasm spreading. We had a great weekend, but the rock flipping today didn't turn up anything quite as exciting as last year. Still, I suppose that's not the point, and when I can get all my work juggled appropriately I'll post something about the day. Cheers ;^)